Saving Money for Traveling as a Student

We all want to travel the world and discover ourselves, however, where do we get the money from?  Here are a few tips on how to save money for traveling while you are a student in college.  


  1. Set a Goal

Have a clear goal of how much money you want to save and how long you have to accomplish your goal.  If you have a specific goal amount in mind it’ll be easier to get started saving.

  1. Give yourself Time

It is not practical to expect to save your goal amount by cutting out spending for a few weeks.  It will take a couple of months to reach your goal.  Contributing money to your travel fund each month will help your

  1. Make a separate Bank Account for your Travel Fund

Keeping your travel fund out of sight will help prevent you from spending it. 

  1. Stick to the Bare Necessities

No more buying new clothing and going out to eat everyday.  Try to survive by wearing all the clothing you already own.  Go grocery shopping to cut down on eating out. Only buy things that are necessary.

  1. Have a Yard Sale

Try to sell everything that you don’t need anymore.  College textbooks, books, and random junk are not going to do you any favors while you are traveling the world.

  1. Move Back Home

Don’t waste money on renting an apartment over the summer to be cool.  Live at home with your parents where there is free food, electricity, and cable.

  1. Get a Job

It seems simple but get a job that pays well and at the end of each week deposit your whole paycheck into your travel account.




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